Mr. Chow – LA
344 Camden Dr.
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

The Scene: Mobbed with glitterati and those who watch them
Cuisine: High End Chinese
Must Try: Crispy Duck in Thin Pancakes
Star Rating: 3 out of 4
Average Cost: Prix Fixe $54

In 1968, Michael Chow exploded on the London scene with his trendy Chinese restaurant, which quickly became the watering hole for those who were famous, those who want to be famous, and those who want to be around the famous. In 1974 the new Beverly Hills exploded on the scene. In a fickle town that changes every nanosecond, Mr. Chow has survived and flourished; a reservation there is a virtual commodity.

So what’s new at Mr. Chow’s? A new room mirroring the existing room, as well as a private and exclusive dining room overlooking the entire scene, expands the bustling eatery. The Dining Duo has visited dozens of times, and there isn’t once that we haven’t tangled chopsticks with major celebrities, from the likes of Penelope Cruz (totally gorgeous) to Babyface, and everyone in between.

Surrounded by Warhols & Harings (and others featuring Mr. Chow in some form or another), the simple black and white elegance is a backdrop for the always-fabulous fare. We usually let the waiter pick out dishes for us so that we can experience something new and interesting. For an ebullient way to start have a glass of champagne and the waiter will bring you a bucket filled with a dozen different choices. Catapult into delectable appetizers such as their version of minced squab in lettuce cups. One of our particular favorites is the crispy duck, served with simple, yet delicate pancakes and plum sauce. These days it’s all about the “price fixed”; $54 per guest will buy such delectable treats as their perfectly made Filet Mignon, sea bass so light it nearly floats, a unique take on fried rice, and more. If not fixed, this haunt proves a bit “spendy”.

All of the above accolades said, we were surprised to discover that Mr. Chow still cooks with MSG, so pick and choose carefully if you need to avoid it. Also, be prepared for a fun and loud evening; this is not a romantic destination, and the thumping bass of the indefinable music, over the din of the customers, can wear your nerves by the end of the evening (more champagne please).

And of course, you always feel like a major celebrity when you exit and see the paparazzi hovering to glimpse if you are someone “famous.” Although they didn’t take any pictures of the Dining Duo, in our minds, we believe we are.

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