8715 Beverly Blvd.
West Hollywood, Ca. 90048
310 652 2335

Dominick's has been around forever (established in 1948), but we've been hearing good things so we decided to try it out. Upon entering, we were not off to a good start. Although the hostess greeted us warmly, she didn’t want to seat us because our party was not “incomplete”; two others were parking with the valet, yet she was instructed to make us wait in the bar area. Upon a different visit, we received the same treatment. When are restaurants going to learn that we are the customers paying good money and that they should cater to us, instead of the other way around? Fortunately, it did get much better from there.

The restaurant consists of several spaces, all of which are warm and inviting. The semi outdoor patio is romantic (and kept warm by heaters), with ivy covered brick walls and a tree sprouting from the center of the room. A fireplace (sans real logs, unfortunately) further warms the atmosphere. Our waiter was well trained, and it certainly didn’t hurt that he was adorable to boot.

The specials were well explained and Michael decided to avail himself of the Goat Cheese and Beet Salad, a wonderful preparation with warmed goat cheese in center surrounded by beets. Also don't miss the baked Ricotta with roasted sweet peppers and Prosciutto, it is one of the tastiest appetizers we have had in a long time. One of our guests sampled the arugula and Parmesan salad, but felt that the chef had a heavy hand with the salt. The grilled artichoke was just delicious from bite to finger licking bite.

The Veal Parmesan was amongst the best we've had in the last few years, thinly sliced pounded veal, with perfect proportions of marinara and cheese, which is so often exaggerated, too much of one or the other. The temperature was just right and it was not over garlicky. Their classic Spaghetti & Meatballs is also a wise choice. The fish chosen by Scott was a wild snapper baked with sweet and sour peppers with a hint of orange and onion, for sweetness, and then resting on a bed of fried crispy polenta; yum. We paired our selections with a Multipulchiano Tres Roble Pino Noble, by the glass, which made for a double yum.

The menu is classic and loaded with traditional comfort foods, priced between $13 and $37 except for the Grilled Prime Bone-in Rib eye, which is marked at $41 dollars. For this range of prices, we were disappointed on all three visits when the runners stood at the table with plates in hand asking “who got the….”; also, the food did not arrive at the table at the same time, and so it sat there while we waited for the rest of our party to be served. Other than a low-end restaurant, this is a pet peeve of ours and shows that further training and attention to detail is needed.

Whatever you choose to eat, you MUST not leave without tasting the Chocolate Panacotta, which was a mouth watering taste treat, and one of the most fulfilling chocolate desserts we have ever encountered.

Dominick's is nearby if you live in West Hollywood, but the parking is difficult so walk or opt for valet parking. We will not hesitate to return again, and next time will be on a Sunday night when they offer a three-course meal for $15, seemingly a sensational deal.

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