615 North La Brea Av
LA 90036
323 939 1148

11 AM-10 PM Mon- Fri
11 AM-11 PM Sat

The Scene: Cheese bar with tables
Cuisine: home made pasta
Must Try: Lamb Sausage Lasagna
Star Rating: 1.50
Average Cost: Entrees $10 to $17

Cube is definitely not the place to eat if you’re rushing. With delicious food as a lure, getting past the tenuous “service” is a challenge, but doesn’t seem to stop a young crowd from coming.

On a tired parcel of La Brea south of Melrose, this “cheese bar” reminds us of a European deli for takeout goods, and perhaps a place to rest your feet. The atmosphere is minimal and sports only a half a dozen simple wood tables inside, with an equal amount of metal tables outside.

Cube doesn’t serve liquor, but they encourage you to bring wine with no corking fee, a welcome touch. Of course, that means you actually have to wait for a server to open it, which might happen sometime before Christmas. We had to wait for napkins, cutlery and water (order bottled water as their tap is not filtered and tastes it). As long as The Dining Duo is griping, aren’t you tired of a darkened restaurant and being handed a menu with miniscule writing on it? Cube’s printing is so small that you might as well just ask the waiter (if you can find him) what he recommends.

Start with a flight of cheeses. Cube boasts a giant selection, and we were not disappointed. Just tell your waiter whether you like sharp, pungent, or mild, and enjoy the surprise that’s delivered. We did, especially when it was served on a chalk board with each name written by it.

After the intolerably long wait for our main courses (Scott went into the kitchen to secure napkins for us, which apparently didn’t bother the waiters), we were delighted to sample some of the delicious items on the menu. Pasta is a specialty; as they are owned by the Divine Pasta Company. The spicy lamb sausage ground with b├ęchamel sauce and lasagna proved to be the highlight of the evening, with such a special blend of spices that its low price of $13.95 proved extraordinary. Aaron Eastland, the chef from Cube—formerly from New York—also excels on the home made goat cheese ravioli sprinkled with eggplant ($12.95). Try the roasted garlic pesto pizza, fired over wood; Although the latter was heavy on garlic, it was accompanied by walnuts and gorgonzola. Also worth tasting is the Spicy Italian Sausage at $14.95, which reminded Michael of New York’s little Italy.

Unfortunately, as good as the main course and appetizers proved, the desserts were disappointing. The bread pudding (again, delivery was pathetically slow) was bland and uneventful, and expensive at $7.95.

When asked if we would return, The Dining Duo said, “Yes, if we were in the neighborhood, but only if we brought sleeping bags for breakfast.”

Michael & Scottie

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