A great deal has been written lately about the “perfect hamburger”; from GQ to Sunset Magazine, everyone is getting into the act. Michael has been a burger aficionado since he was a child, so he’ll be dishing the red-meat fare; Scott, on the other hand, doesn’t eat red meat, so he’ll pipe in with some tasty alternatives.

Los Angeles has a plethora of burgers, some good, many tired; we’re highlighting a few of the great ones. You’d be amazed that some of them are in your own backyard, without having to go to your grill.

Our favorite hang out is “Father’s Office” in Santa Monica, which offers the most unusual burger in Los Angeles, stuffed with cheese, arugula and caramelized onion toppings. Please don’t ask for ketchup, because it will NOT be provided under any circumstances. It is a bar, so if your tricks are under 21, leave them home. Every day is Christmas when the beautiful barkeeper, “Christmas” (no, her birthday is not December 25) serves up what we deem to be the burger closest to perfection. For those who don’t eat meat, there are sensational salads (we just tasted their Frisse Salad with poached eggs and hot bacon bites, a stand out), lamb skewers to die for, sweet potato fries with garlic aoli sauce, that are the best we’ve tasted, and a cheese platter dripping with honey. If you’re going on the weekend and you want one of the few tables in this small and cozy neighborhood bar, get there at 3:00PM sharp when they open. Don’t miss their extensive beer selection and wine, by the glass.

Lagging just behind the “Mother of all Burgers” are “Hedley’s”, a hand made juicy classic burger stuffed with onions and herbs, perfectly prepared to your liking, “The Apple Pan” known for their hickory burger and amazing red relish, and “Cassell’s”, well respected for their Colorado beef ground fresh every morning, their fifty years on the block and they boast the best potato salad and fresh lemonade in Los Angeles. Having consumed hundreds of burgers at Cassell’s, I can say there was only one time the burger was not delivered at the optimum medium rare I ordered.

A new kid on the block, definitely worthy of consideration, is “The Counter” also in Santa Monica; a rising star, beautiful spotless atmosphere, nice wine selection, by the glass or bottle, and burgers available in hundreds of different combinations, (even with peanut sauce, one of our unusual favorites) which have been prepared flawlessly, on each occasion. We have now visited there ten times and each time is a delight, be sure and say hi to Jeff, the handsome owner and Julian at the register, who is adorable; he’s not one of us BUT his identical twin brother is. It was voted the second best milk shake in the country by GQ. Their Turkey and Salmon burgers are yummy, and don’t forget to try their Cheddar fries.

Doug Arrango’s in West Hollywood has “Burger Night” on Mondays. In a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, you receive a platter of three different mini-sliders, the night we were there they offered: Beef, veal and duck. The Beef slider is right up there with the competition, although the duck slider was dry and uneventful, and deserved a pass. That said, their extensive wine list always moistens up any meal. Their homemade buns and ketchup are superb.

For fast food burgers, In-n-Out is certainly top notch with Fatburger just a hair behind. Red Robin is also not to be missed, so disgustingly good you’ll need a nap afterwards. The burgers are tasty, there are chicken and turkey alternatives that are top-notch, the shakes divine, and the bottomless French fries are excellent and the onion rings are best you’ll find nation-wide!

If you’re in Palm Springs, go see the gorgeous Diane at her restaurant, “Tyler’s”, for perfect burgers (with perfectly fabulous buns), sliders and the most wonderful cole slaw we have ever tasted. If you wondered where Sharon Gless from “Queer As Folk” went after the close of the show, look no further—she’ll be serving you as Tammy, who can’t begin to count the number of times she has been compared to Debbie! The chocolate shake is creamy, and for the non-meat eaters, their veggie burger is the best one on the market, state wide.

SNAP SHOT: Turn off the grill, drop the apron, grab your partner and forget about carbs and calories: it’s time for a burger and a shake! Visit Father’s Office for the burger and The Counter for the shake.

Cassell’s open for lunch 11-3, Monday to Saturday
Cassell's Hamburgers
3266 West 6th Street
Los Angeles, CA 90020

Father's Office open for dinner Monday-Friday 5-2 AM (kitchen closes between 10-11) Saturday & Sunday 3PM-2AM (kitchen closes at 11)
1018 Montana Avenue
Santa Monica, CA 90403

Counter Open 7 days Mon-Thurs 11AM-10PM , Fri-Sat 11-11, Sunday 12-9 PM
2901 Ocean Park Boulevard
Santa Monica, CA 90405

Doug Arrango’s (Closed Sunday) open for lunch & dinner, Monday burger night
Doug Arango's Restaurant
8826 Melrose Avenue
West Hollywood, CA 90069
Tyler's Burgers (closed Sunday & Monday) Tues-Sat Lunch 11-4
149 South Indian Canyon Drive
Palm Springs, CA 92262
Red Robin, In n Out and Fatburger various locations, throughout the southland.

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