Do I want to continue receiving your newsletter? Bet your sweet ass I do! --CJ

Even though I am currently dieting, I need to know where to go. --BM

Cool Newsletter. --EB

Great reviews/travelogue/scrumptious shots of food and decor. --AL

I look forward to the Dining Duo tips and information. --LW

I'll give you and Michael something to feast on then review! --AL

I can not wait. Getting hungry right now. -- AB

I want to dine with you soon! --AB

My life would be empty without The Dining Duo. --AC

I love you emails. --SC

Love the updates!!! Keep them coming!! --CP

They are so much fun to read. --CMS

A loyal reader, Your fan. --D

I enjoyed your web-site! It's interesting and I will try some of your best of best. --HKM

Love your dining tips…please keep ‘em coming! --CL

Please keep us on your entertaining list. --DS

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