Born in New York City in 1954, Michael attended Scarsdale High School and Manhattanville College, he became the youngest Jaguar dealer in the country at nineteen, following his passion for automobiles; today, he is an avid car collector.

Michael founded System 800 International in 1986, which went on to become the largest reseller of 800-phone line service in the United States, and pioneered touch-tone technology for credit card processing. After going public in 1988, the company merged with Independent Entertainment Group, and produced pay per view events for cable.

A native Angelino, Scott was appropriately born in the year of the Monkey. He was educated at Beverly Hills High School, receiving his BA from Stanford University, and his JD from Loyola Law School. He lived in France for a year and speaks and “eats” French with zeal. He worked on Capitol Hill for Congressman Anthony C. Beilenson before jumping into his career as an Entertainment Attorney for both Television and Motion Pictures. His passions also include being an artist, photographer, painter, sculptor, writer, producer and world-traveler; and of course, he is passionate about eating and dining.Michael and Scott E. Schwimer together have been collecting photography for over twenty-two years. They have one of the largest glamour photography archives in the world, and are the publisher’s of George Hurrell’s work, as well as Mel Roberts’, Harry Langdon’s and Ian Wright’s photos. The Fabulous Dining Duo travels the globe and takes on the foodie scene in L.A. and other hot spots. Lovers of food, life and each other, who would know more about the restaurant scene than two partners who have eaten out 21 meals a week for over 22 years together?! Bon Appetit.

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