Scientists have started studying cultures where people are living the longest, and they attribute the following to doing so:

1. Keep moving around naturally, such as walking or gardening;

2. Find some sort of a purpose in Life, and pursue it with a passion;

3. Work less and slow down, and make sure to take a lot of vacations;

4. Don’t eat until you’re going to burst; stop at about 80% of your “full”;

5. Eat more plants, and a lot less meats and processed foods;

6. Toast each other with red wine, but in moderation (2 glasses a day for men, 1 for women);

7. Find a way to socialize and have a social network;

8. Feed your body, and your soul with spiritual activities, and,

9. Make sure to make “family” a high priority.

The Dining Duo has a 10th answer to longevity: bring a Scottish Terrier into your house and make sure to pet him or her countless amounts of times per day (no moderation necessary)

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