No other way to say it, you’ve lost a friend- after almost 50 years this is it…the end, always thought I was man enough to break off a relationship in person, but this is the internet age and email will have to do. Thanks for the memories, our friendship has ended.

Lori and I have been going to Vegas together for more than 30 years, I have always found the hidden gems, State Street, an Italian Mob Style restaurant, Hugo’s downtown before it was chic, Ferraro’s for the best Oso Buco this side of Italy, and Michael’s before it was “Michael’s”, the top rated restaurant in Vegas in the dungy Barbary Coast - just to name a few. Wouldn’t want to brag, may seem like I was trying to compete with “The Dining Duo.”

This past weekend Lori and I went to Society at the Encore for breakfast, after devouring the sticky bun and with that special look in her eyes, she said “You are amazing, how do you find these places?” I said I’d love to take credit but Scottie and Michael deserve all the credit.

THAT WAS IT!! Her comment, “We will only eat where Scottie and Michael recommend, they are the best!!!” I used to be “HER MAN” – no longer, you have stolen her stomach. My ego has been crushed, you have stolen her heart, and I hope you’re happy.

Your washed-up - ex-friend-


PS The sticky buns were even better the second day -OF COURSE WE WENT BACK, THE PLACE WAS GREAT, AND SCOTTIE RECOMMENDED IT!!!!!!!!!!!

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