"Mr. Wynn needs more people like you to visit ...glad you had a good time. where are you off to next?" --Mark

"O.M.G. we can't wait to go...we just changed our reservations from Bellagio to the Encore...." --Cathy

"I'm drooling. I'm booking now!" -- Robert

"Great Pics. Everything looks AMAZING. Vegas has a whole new image with the Encore and we're going to go there for Memorial Day." --Sam and Shirley

"Those views! That food! Those dining rooms! How fast can I get there?" Mary

"I've been dying to try this place since I've heard so many great things...but I thought it was unaffordable. I just called and they're offering great prices. Thanks for letting me know about this...can't wait to go!" -- Bobbie

"WOW! You guys really gushed over this one. Every time you've suggested something, we've loved it. We're going to the Encore muy pronto. Thanks for the tips." -- Jeff and Robin

"THAT STICKY BUN at Society has made my computer gain 5 lbs. I'm going there just for that...the rest of it is gravy." -- Leslee

"I LOVE good Asian food, and we wondered where Jet went to since we took a cooking class iwth him in L.A. Now we can finally look forward to another fab meal by him, and we've added that to our "must do" restaurant list for our trip to LV next week" -- Andy & Carey

"You guys are amazing...thanks for letting us know all the "in" spots. We get faster, better, more honest reviews from you than anywhere else...Thank you! We just called and booked a weekend at the Encore...we'll let you know what we like best." -- Carl

"That Steve Wynn is brilliant! How does he keep thinking of these things? It sounds like so much fun....can't wait to hear about the Spa, do tell." --Mary

"We're stuffed just reading about all this. How in the H#$$ do you two keep fit and trim? Probably by running from restaurant to restaurant in the gorgeous Encore. If it works for you, it's going to work for us...we've decided to take a "close" vacation this spring and try it all out, thanks to you two." -- The "S" family


Appetizingly yours,

The Dining Duo

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