Mahi Mahi flavored with Curry and Banana

Ia Orana(greetings in Polynesian)

Chef Damien shares his secret for his world class Mahi Mahi preparation; of course, you may have to go to Tahiti to pick fresh vanilla and fish for the Mahi Mahi! Next week we will review his other amazing preparations, all of which put his 7 table Villa Mahana on the top of the international restaurant scene!

1 Portion of Mahi Mahi marinated in Coconut milk and roasted with butter , sea salt and one bean of tahitian Vanilla. Mashed Potatoes with butter (a lot) , sea salt and truffle oilOn top of the fish one small peace of Banana flambée with old Vanilla Rum and the juice. Voilà! Damien

Sound easy? Just try to come close to his version of this dish that still lingers on our taste buds and in our mouths.

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