6 Servings 2# Lobster Meat ( Cut into bite size pieces) 1 C. Sweet corn2 Roasted red Peppers Diced1\4 C. Chopped fresh Cilantro2 Fresh jalapenos Diced with Seeds1 C. Julienned Carrot2 Eggs1# Flour1#Yellow Corn Meal1\4 C. Lemon Juice4 oz. Soda Watersalt and pepper to taste Dutch Oven for frying1\2 Gallon vegetable oil for frying Mix all ingredients together,until mixed well,do not want it runny,nice and thick.May have to use more flour or cornmeal depending.Drop by spoonfuls in your 350 degree oil.Cook about 3 minutes or until golden brown.Do not put too many in your oil or you will chill your oil and they will boil instead of frying,usually about 3 at a time.Drain on paper towels.Serve 3 on a plate on top of a dollop of remoulade sauce(Recipe follows),and on top you can garnish with a little extra of julienned carrot.

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