Matyson, 37S. 19th Street, Philadelphia.

There is a quaint Philly BYOB restaurant named Matyson. Named after the Chef Matt Spector and his pastryChef wife Sonya Bidegain.

Right in the heart of Center City, the location is super, but parking at 5:30 was a bit frustrating. The warm muted gold walls and ochre ceiling highlighted some original works of art, charming. The old Philadelphia wood floors anchored the color scheme. A small space, maybe 16' w by 40' long, the chatter of wine bottles and dinner crowd arriving, was typical Philadelphia, but nothing our of the ordinary.

We began with the Foie Gras & Wild mushroom wontons, and the Jumbo lump crab cocktail, served with small hame-made potato chips - -cute. The Dinners rated a "10" for presentation, garnished festively. The puree squash soup was what I started with, then the herbed Chicken. Sound boring? - - certainly not. It was a perfect meal. The dessert menu was a very nice selection of "made on the premises" pies, treats and house-made sorbets and ice creams. Simply elegant and 5 our of 5 of us would go back, but I'll look for another parking spot.

Guest review by Lori Riddington

(Dining Duo to Lori: GREAT review! Keep eating out and let us know where--and where n0t-- to spend our money and our time. Send a review of 100 words or less and we'll share it with the rest of you)

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