We all know that “T.I.P.S.” means “To Insure Proper Service”. But that’s only half the story, as far as The Dining Duo is concerned. Restaurateurs owe some C.A.R.E. to their patrons: “Customers Always Returning is Essential”.

So how do restaurant owners and managers show a little care? Recently, we had three fabulous experiences that made us consider the “not-so-fabulous” flip side. We visited our favorite, The Polo Lounge, and the Chef immediately sent over some hors d’oeuvres “on the house”; we haven’t been to Ortolan in ages, and yet when we went last week, the Chef/Owner remembered us by sending over some complimentary appetizers; we visited Mistral in Sherman Oaks for the first time and the owner (who did not know we review restaurants, sent over some amazing sautéed shrimp because he wanted to introduce the restaurant to us since we “live in the neighborhood” (by the way, we will be reviewing this wonderful restaurant shortly in the future). All were great experiences, and it made us feel appreciated and welcomed; these restaurateurs gave us the CARE we love to receive.

Yes, but what about the majority of the other restaurants we all frequent that don’t give away ice in the wintertime? It’s not about getting something for “free”; more so, it’s about being acknowledged as a patron and being made to feel special, welcome and appreciated. What is the food cost of an appetizer, or an after dinner drink, or perhaps a dessert? We are most certain that it’s nominal, and especially when compared to losing a customer forever. We have been repeat—and paying (once again, if a restaurant knows that we’re reviewing them, we do not accept free food before a review is written) –customers of many a restaurant and we are frankly getting tired of stupid restaurateurs taking us for granted. After speaking with so many of our friends about this, it appears that you all feel the same way. So, how do we show our silly restaurant owners how we feel? Simple—stop going to them. There are many magnificent food choices, and I think we should reward those that care about us. Don’t you?

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