We are always highlighting high-end taste treats for our readers, 
so this time we thought we would review two “run-ins” 
in Studio City for those who don’t want to make it about “dining”, and care more about “eating”. 
This is what’s new in the Valley:

Crave Café
11992 Ventura Blvd.
Studio City, Ca. 91604
818 763 9000
Crave opened three weeks ago and already has it together, the wheels efficiently greased. Owner Abe is affable, omnipresent, involved and caring. This is a find, open twenty-four hours (except Sunday after midnight), with locally sourced, organic food at half of similar places. 
Built out as a lofty, brick-lined “hang-out” drop-in place, you order at the counter and then really nice employees quickly deliver it to the table.  Everything we have tasted has been admirable. Scott is a big fan of turkey burgers and theirs at $7.50 including a small salad is juicy and delectable. 
They are famous for their paninis and we particularly enjoyed the grilled (organic) chicken with tomato, yellow peppers and fresh spinach at $7.00.  It was served on a natural grain bread and loaded with chicken.
Don’t miss their daily soups at $2.50 for a cup or $5.00 for a bowl, delivered piping hot and changed daily.  By the way, breakfast is served 24 hours a day; so, if you have a “craving” for an omelet, or thick Texas-style French toast, or waffles, or almost anything at three in the morning, they are there.  And Abe the owner will probably be there too.
This atmosphere is warm and they want to create a place where you can come in for a quick bite, or hang out and visit with friends all night.  It is located in the former home of one our old favorite haunts, Georgio’s, so we’re glad to see they are doing it right. Drop in here, or they also have their long-standing location in Sherman Oaks.

The Six
12650 Ventura Blvd.  
Studio City, Ca. 91604
We really wanted to love this place, primarily because it’s so easily accessible to us as an alternative to a time-consuming meal.  It’s just east of Coldwater Canyon, on Ventura, and the lot parking is easy and free; so far so good.  They redid the place from when it was Risotto, and the interior is now updated and clubby; also good.  The head Chef, Kristin, is a lovely woman who clearly is pouring herself into this job; yet another good mark.  That’s where it stops.

We’ve been to Six five times now and they just don’t have it together, at all.  Even though the place is new, and terribly off the mark, the owners are never on the premises (at least when we’ve been there) and the de facto manager, Alex, is arrogant and ineffective, albeit he looks good.  Two of our experiences showcased waiters that were terrible and must never have done this job; and two times we stumbled on great ones, Chris and Katy.  The place was freezing for weeks (now the heat is working properly), and the food always comes out as an auction:  “Who had the (fill in the blank).  When the food does come out, sometimes it’s good, and sometimes it’s just plain wrong. 
They have a grilled romaine salad, which is very interesting and tasty, so we recommend that dish.  There are some other enjoyable dishes as well, but too fattening to recommend. The Turkey Sloppy Joes are very good, despite being heavy on the ketchup, and if you want to make them healthier, just skip the rolls. Try their daily soups, which are organic, without cream and extremely innovative.
Their grass-fed (yeah!) burger seems to always come out well done, whether you order it medium or medium rare.  Michael ordered a repeat experience at medium rare and told the waitress that it came well done in the past so please alert the Chef (who was not there that night, leaving the kitchen victim to an untrained cook).  The cook made a great sole for a shoe out of the meat, and when we wanted to take it to him and show him, the ineffective manager (remember him) outright lied to us and said “he doesn’t speak English”.  When we asked how he manages to understand the orders, the manager then said he made that up because he didn’t want us talking to him.

Give it a try because it’s not over until the fattening-food lady sings; we’re still hopeful that the problems will be corrected. We attempted to call and Email the owner three times, and did not get the courtesy of a return call.  Surprise, Surprise.

Post Script:  We just learned today that Chef Kristin apparently had enough and walked away from The Six.  

Today is the 10th birthday of our beloved Scottish Terrier, Triple. We plan on eating birthday cake and hope you will join in the celebration wherever you may be dining tonight!

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  1. Anonymous // January 17, 2012 at 12:57 PM  

    Love the review of the aforementioned spots to get good food at reasonable prices.

  2. Carole // January 18, 2012 at 8:08 AM  

    Hey Michael and Scott
    Art and I agree totally with you about SIX! And, in addition, when we asked about the name SIX, she told an incorrect story which I then googled and corrected her! The service was very poor and slow. Try BLACK MARKET. We love it and would love to hear your impression.
    Carole Levine

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