1915 North Bronson Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90068

Moving eastward, Victor’s Square, is in a mini mall, at the corner of Franklin & Bronson, not far from Home Depot, another favorite hot spot of Scott’s. This is fabulous deli-type restaurant, which has a very simple exterior and interior, with extraordinarily delicious food. Owned by Bill Gotti (yes, from the family, but please don’t ask about his gorgeous Reality T.V. star grand- nephews), he knows how to prepare food like Scott’s Italian grandmother, if only he had one who hailed from that country. Bill’s pastas, many of which are home made, are as good as most of the high-end restaurants in this city. One of my personal favorites (although be prepared to drink plenty of water), is the Pasta Jalisco which is made with Cuervo gold Tequila and jalepenos. The tastes are indescribable, unbelievably spicy and even at $20, we find it a bargain. Beware; this spicy HOT dish is not for the faint of heart. Bill’s meats are all cooked on the premises and his sandwiches, available in many combos, are “multi perfecto”!

This is a restaurant where we could eat three meals a day. The breakfast is always wonderful: we love their Eggs Benedict and vast array of omelettes. There is, of course, fresh juice and everything else one would expect with a fresh breakfast.

The dish that screams as being the best in the world is Bill’s Calimari. If you are a calamari lover, we dare you to compare this to anything else out there. Bill tells us part of his secret is in the use of the “thin wall” recipe, and then it is cleaned and battered on the premises. Thin walled is the remaining outer lining of the squid after it is cleaned. Honestly, we have NEVER tasted better and his cocktail sauce is the perfect combo of tomato and spices.

Bill also has a wonderfully extensive wine list by the glass and a wide variety of cheeses to accompany it; in fact, you could just relax, have a fine glass of wine, some pate and cheese, and walk away satiated. Ask about their monthly wine dinners, which are a wonderful way to gain knowledge and get acquainted with a particular genre of wines, which is how Michael met Bill about 26 years ago.

And although one would not call this great eatery fancy, we can assure you there are plenty of Hollywood types that hang out here. Someone we all know was enjoying a boisterous birthday party for herself at the table beside us when one night we just “dropped in”!

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