Following is a list of experiences that either made our day, or caused us to cringe. We welcome your stories and will post them if they're interesting or particularly nasty! Please email them to us at:

MAGNOLIA -- Hollywood
(Not a "Loser", but a great "save" by the restaurant)

When Michael called at 3pm to change our reservation from 6:00 to 7:00pm, the hostess answering the phone put him on hold for five minutes (then she claimed it was lunch rush-hour) and then was rude to him, hanging up in the end without saying goodbye. It left such a bad taste in our mouths (pun intended) that we decided to forego eating there and went to the restaurant next door. On the way inside, Scott spotted what looked like "managerial" type folks setting the tables at Magnolia. He stopped and told them what had happened, and why we chose to eat elsewhere that night. They were owners Laurie and Ron, and they were horrified at the treatment we received at the hands of an inept hostess. They were so apologetic that Scott felt badly for even telling them what had transpired. They both insisted that we come back for dinner on them (they didn't know we wrote reviews). If that wasn't enough, when we finished dinner at the restaurant next door, we asked for the check and was told by the waiter that Laurie and Ron had picked it up as an apology for what had occured!

We say: "Class Act"! We'll be back to Magnolia and suggest you go too....................!

COUPA CAFE -- Beverly Hills
(a DEFINITE Loser!)

Oh my gawd....Nothing says crap like coupe catastrophe. If it's not bad enough that the food is marginal, when the restaurant made yet another mistake on our food order, the Venezualian owner suggested that we try some of their deserts: "Do you like chocolate?" he suggested. We love chocolate, and so he sent over 3 chocolate deserts (very mediocre, by the way). When the bill came, all three were on the bill. When we informed the server that we didn't order the deserts and that it was a mistake, the owner came over and started screaming at us (and our very pretty lady guest). He said that he doesn't give away free food and that we were not welcome to come back (but our very pretty lady guest was).
We say, "Send it back"! And were not alone. You can blow a cannon through this canon restaurant without hitting anyone and now we know why!

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