Kakawa Chocolate House 847 Ninita StreetSanta Fe, NM 87505 (505)982-0388 The shop is in an old Spanish adobe building with Saltillo tiled floors and modern glass display cases. It has murals of Aztec designs and a European ambiance with vases of fresh flowers and meticulously hand prepared chocolates; some in forms of flowers and butterflies, some like truffles. All the chocolates are made from ancient European and Mesoamerican recipes. If you like dark chocolate with a lot less sugar than conventional chocolates, and exotic flavors like almond rose, cinnamon chili and many other unique and unusual combinations--along with a taste of history, this place is it! I really enjoyed their chocolate elixirs that look like truffles and melt into a cup of hot chocolate when you pour hot water over them. Great for chocolate addicts, but will leave the sugar addicts wanting more.


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