1466 N Ashland AveChicago, IL 60622(773) 252-1466 ...This from one of our readers who lives in Chicago: "BIG F'ING RIP-OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Horrible service. Attitude coming out the you-know-what. Horrible head banger music pumped into the dining room because that's what the chefs like to listen to and they make their customers suffer rather than place the speakers in the kitchen. It is all about this stuck up, arrogant bunch of young assholes.

Too cheap to hire servers and bus-staff. Think it's kitsch to serve customers themselves. They are HORRIBLE servers. You end up having to wait for everything - water, bread, more wine (which they keep in the kitchen and will not leave on the table even though it is a BYOB place)

BTW, the chef we dealt with who served us was such a DICKHEAD I actually stiffed him on the tip!"

--Pete Zahutt, Chicago

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