And you call yourself a foodie! Alice Waters ought to yank your credentials!

Semolina is coarsely ground hard, summer wheat. It is used to make the best Italian pastas - as in durum semolina.

This is part of what Wikipedia has to say:

Semolina made from durum wheat or other hard wheats (that are easier to grow than durum) is yellow in color. It is usually prepared with the main dish, either boiled with water into a pasty substance, e.g. as gnocchi (in Italy), or as the basis for dried products such as couscous (North Africa), and bulgur. Couscous is made by mixing roughly 2 parts semolina with 1 part durum flour. --KY, Santa Monica, CA

Thanks KY for the clarification...The Duo won't even comment on your initals!

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